Nursery Policies

Data Protection Policy

The information that you provide on any forms will only be used for essential record keeping in accordance with current legislation and Ofsted guidance and to ensure that we are able to fulfil our statutory duties and meet accepted good practice standards for child care. We will not disclose any information about you or your child to outside organisations or third parties without your written consent, unless the law requires us to do so. You may ask to see the records held.

Behaviour Management Policy

Staff will not smack or otherwise physically punish your child or threaten to do so and we ask that parents also follow this rule when on Wellingtons for Langley Hall premises. Wellingtons for Langley Hall believes that children are not “naughty”, but rather that their behaviour can at times be unacceptable.

Staff will deal firmly with situations as they arise, by distracting the child, talking things through with them and explaining why their behaviour is unacceptable. Some incidents such as biting or scratching are generally the result of a child simply not having the skills to express themselves and staff work to ensure that these are dealt with sensitively but firmly. Parents of the biter and the bitten are always informed of any incident.

Apart from minor incidents, we will advise parents of any situations that have arisen during the session and the action taken by the staff. This is not meant to result in further disciplining of the child but rather so that we can work together to ensure that patterns of unacceptable behaviour are identified and remedied.

We believe that children respond to positive reinforcement of their behaviour and offer this in a variety of ways such as praise, stickers etc.

Parents may find that their child’s behaviour at home is equally challenging and we encourage you to discuss any concerns with the Head of Wellingtons for Langley Hall so that a joint framework for a consistent behaviour management strategy can be developed.

Staff are trained to accommodate and cope with the behaviour of most children. However, if staff believe they are unable to cope with exceptionally disruptive behaviour and where additional professional support has been sought but is not accepted, the setting reserves the right to withdraw the place in the interests of the other children.

The designated person for Behaviour Management at Wellingtons for Langley Hall is named on the attached staff list.

Outstanding Fees Policy

All fees should be paid according to the “Nursery Fees”, “Fees, Attendance and Invoicing Information” and entry confirmation letter. Fees not received by the due date are subject to an administration charge.

Consistent non-payment of fees may result in your child’s place being withdrawn.

Notice of Withdrawal Policy

Parents are reminded that 2 months written notice is required if you wish to your child to leave Wellingtons for Langley Hall. Please refer to your copies of the “Nursery Fees”, “Fees, Attendance and Invoicing Information” and entry confirmation letter for further details. If you fail to give the required notice you will be charged fees in lieu.

Withdrawal of Place Policy

Regrettably there may be occasions when it becomes necessary for Wellingtons for Langley Hall to request that a child be withdrawn from the setting. This sanction will only be considered if after discussions with the parents, a satisfactory alternative solution cannot be achieved.

Withdrawal of the place might be for one of the following reasons;

  • Non-payment of fees.
  • Repeated non-attendance of the child without satisfactory reason.
  • Exceptionally disruptive behaviour of the child where additional professional support has not been accepted.
  • Persistent lateness in collecting a child.

Please speak to the Head of Wellingtons for Langley Hall, in confidence, if you do experience any problems

Staffing Policy

Here at Wellingtons for Langley Hall we have staff with a variety of childcare qualifications who are committed to nurturing and developing your child. There is also a programme of on-going development for all staff.

At times of holiday and sickness we reallocate staff for coverage to the best advantage. Occasionally this is not possible and we may therefore use an agency which specialises in providing childcare staff. A notice will be put on your child’s parent notice board telling you of any changes.

From time to time, however, staff may be absent due to illness or staff training. Every effort will be made to keep changes to a minimum and when ever possible to use supply staff who are known to us and are familiar with our systems and practices. However, it is often the case that when a bug is going around several people will be affected at once. If after exhausting all of our supply sources we cannot meet the minimum required ratios for the age group of children, we will contact you to advise that your child needs to start at a later time or if already at Wellingtons for Langley Hall to give you the opportunity to collect your child. This should only be necessary in very extreme circumstances.

Outings Policy

On occasion, your child may take a short trip out of the setting, to the post office or to the local shop to buy cooking ingredients, you will be asked to sign a consent form in advance of any outings.

For the older children a longer outing may be arranged and this will usually link with activities the children have been doing at Wellingtons for Langley Hall. You will be asked to sign a consent form giving permission for your child to go.

All outings are carefully planned and are staffed with your child’s usual carers and additional help from parents or visiting students. The adult / child ratio depends on the ages of the children and the nature of the outing.

Policy on Professional Development for Staff

Wellingtons for Langley Hall is committed to providing professional development for all staff. It is our policy to train staff into more senior roles where possible to enable us to offer promotion internally rather than recruit for these posts through national advertising.

New staff bring with them fresh ideas and encourage a lively buzzy atmosphere that prevents our setting from becoming stale or complacent. We welcome new staff and have a comprehensive induction programme which ensures that they understand our policies and procedures to ensure staff changes are a positive experience for all concerned.

Staff are encouraged to develop their childcare skills through discussion, reading and attending specialised training courses. They then feedback during staff meetings, helping all staff to ensure that our setting reflects the best in childcare practice.

Senior staff supervise less experienced staff, volunteers and childcare students and support them to increase their skills and knowledge. All staff have an annual appraisal and additional performance reviews throughout the year to identify achievements and training needs.

Equality of Opportunities Policy

Wellingtons for Langley Hall recognises that parents have a right to choose childcare that best fits in with their own views on childcare provision on moral or religious grounds. We also recognise that it is impossible to be all things to all people.

With this in mind, we believe that the needs and views of our clients should be met as long as they do not conflict with any of the basic aims and principles upon which Wellingtons for Langley Hall is built.

Entry to Wellingtons for Langley Hall is non-discriminatory. It is our policy to recognise and acknowledge that each and every child is an individual and that all diversities of personalities, abilities, culture and character will be respected and nurtured without racial, gender or other forms of stereotyping. Positive attitudes to differences of race, culture, language or gender are encouraged.

We respect the families of our children and encourage parents to assist us in developing an understanding of any additional needs of their child. We do not make judgments about the family backgrounds and lifestyles of the children in our care and if discrimination does occur, it will be challenged

Every employee will recognise, observe and report on a child’s abilities and will seek to meet the needs of each child as an individual, encouraging them to actively participate in activities, even if this means adapting the activities to meet those particular needs. A wide range of activities will be offered with resources reflecting the diverse backgrounds, language and physical abilities of the children in our care.

Our strategy for assisting children and parents who have English as an additional language or other communication needs

Wellingtons for Langley Hall will recognise a child’s first language and will discuss with parents the key words which will enable staff to communicate with them and their child during the early days within our setting. Staff will communicate regularly regarding basic words taught in English at Wellingtons for Langley Hall so that children and parents can practise together at home. Staff will also work to ensure that other communication difficulties and needs are equally supported.

Each child’s home language will be valued and reflected in the setting including (but not limited to) the use of labels, books, audio tapes and other resources.

Wellingtons for Langley Hall will encourage parents to be accompanied by a translator for parents meetings should this be necessary. We will endeavour to provide written information in a parent’s home language or seek alternative ways to ensure they remain fully informed.

Special Needs Policy

It is the responsibility of Wellingtons for Langley Hall to ensure that all children including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities are able to fully participate in all activities. Where necessary, positive steps are, and will continue to be taken to particularly encourage the participation of all children in all activities.

Detailed records are kept of each child’s progress. In cases where children fail to achieve specified goals, staff will discuss their concerns and a second opinion may be sought. Parents will be advised of the staff concerns at this stage and may be asked if they would consent to participate in the completion of a Common Assessment Framework to assist in understanding the family’s needs and if appropriate to refer a child to a relevant specialist for a more detailed assessment. All information will be confidential and will not be shared with anyone without the parent’s express consent.

Children will be observed so that the SENCO can gather information for initial and further assessment of individual children’s needs so that the curriculum can be adjusted appropriately. Staff refer to the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice and use this to guide, inform and improve the inclusion of children with special needs.

Wellingtons for Langley Hall will continue to improve access to the facilities and review the accessibility and appropriateness of play equipment for children with special or additional needs.

The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) for Wellingtons for Langley Hall is named on the attached staff list.

Staff and Child Safeguarding Policy

Wellingtons for Langley Hall is committed to safeguarding the children in our care and has a policy which is in line with Children’s Social Care and Government guidelines. All staff have been vetted before being appointed and no adult (staff, volunteer or childcare student) is ever left alone with children unless a satisfactory enhanced CRB disclosure has been received.

Wellingtons for Langley Hall staff have a statutory right to observe children as part of the developmental record process and these observations may also be used as evidence in child protection cases. Childcare students frequently need to observe children, however children’s names are never used and student’s work is checked before being submitted to ensure that nothing confidential is disclosed. Photographs may only be included in coursework if the parent has given their permission for them to be taken and used by the student.

It is considered good practice for staff to record any injuries / marks observed on a child when they are brought into the setting and seek an explanation from the parent, this record will be kept in the child’s confidential file. This should not be seen as an accusation of any sort, but these records may be taken into consideration if a concern about the welfare of the child subsequently arises. It is the policy of Wellingtons for Langley Hall to discuss any concerns relating to the welfare of the child with the parent, unless it is believed that to do so would put the child at risk of further harm. Wellingtons for Langley Hall has a statutory responsibility to refer any child protection concerns to Ofsted and Children’s Social Care.

Wellingtons for Langley Hall is also committed to safeguarding staff and has policies relating to professional conduct and protection from false allegations.

The designated person for Safeguarding at Wellingtons for Langley Hall is named on the attached staff list.

Concerns Policy

At Wellingtons for Langley Hall we like to feel that we are approachable and sympathetic to parents’ needs and concerns. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the setting or staff, please feel free to speak to the Head of Wellingtons for Langley Hall at any time.

Within Wellingtons for Langley Hall we have a Concerns Procedure which allows us to monitor parental concerns, what actions were taken and, perhaps more importantly, what lessons can be learned for the future. On most occasions, parents of the child who has been the cause of concern will be informed. However in circumstances of child protection or malicious accusation, Wellingtons for Langley Hall may decide that this is not appropriate.

If you have a concern that is connected with your child:

  • firstly, approach your child’s Key Person or Room / Group Leader.
  • Or, contact the Head of Wellingtons for Langley Hall

Please try to let us know, briefly, what your concern is – unless otherwise briefed, the Head of Wellingtons for Langley Hall will most probably be accompanied by the Room / Group Leader when meeting with you.

If you have a concern with an administrative matter:

  • Contact the Head of Wellingtons for Langley Hall

When a concern is expressed, either personally, by telephone, e-mail or letter, we complete our own “Staff / Parental Concern Report”. These are filed and regularly reviewed by senior members of staff.

We will try to redress the problem straight away, but if this is not possible, we aim to get back to you within 24 hours, even if it is only to give you an update.

If you are not happy with our response to your concern, you are entitled to bring the concern again to a more senior member of staff or a review panel comprising of two senior members of staff not directly involved in the original complaint and a third person who is independent of the management and running of Wellingtons for Langley Hall. You may be accompanied at this meeting if you wish. This panel will record their findings and recommendations and a copy will be given to the Head of Wellingtons for Langley Hall and anyone complained about, as well as yourself. This process will be completed within twenty days of raising the original concern.

We guarantee to keep your concern confidential.

Finally, if after bringing your concern to the review panel, your concern is still not resolved, you can telephone the Ofsted helpline on 0300 123 1231.

Parents may request to see our record of complaints made to us and any made to Ofsted about us, together with their outcomes.

We hope that you will also feedback positive views and suggestions when appropriate.

Health and Safety Policy

Great care is taken to ensure that all equipment and materials used conform to accepted safety standards. We also have our own detailed health and safety policies which cover all aspects of our setting. In addition, staff are aware of the capabilities of individual children and will not allow them to be put at risk. However, it is inevitable that young children at play will suffer the odd bump or bruise. Medical attention will always be sought for anything more than a minor injury. If your child is hurt in an incident involving another child, staff will deal firmly and fairly with the other child concerned.

We will telephone you immediately to advise you of any accident involving your child. All accidents are recorded on an Accident / Incident Report which you will be asked to sign when you collect your child (whether this is immediately or at the normal collection time). A brief written summary of the accident and treatment given will also be sent home with your child.

In order to protect children who have an allergy to nuts, we ask parents not to bring in any items containing nuts or nut products.

Emergency evacuation routes are displayed beside each door and all exits are clearly marked. We hold an emergency evacuation drill at least every 3 months.

Medical Alert Policy

Wellingtons for Langley Hall takes seriously its responsibility to look after your child. To enable us to do this successfully it is important that we work together in partnership with parents.

When you sign your child in to our setting you will be asked to complete a medical form. This must be returned before a child starts with us. If you have indicated that they have any serious allergies that require them to avoid foods or circumstances that would make the allergy worse, we will ask you to meet with us and complete a Medical Care Plan. Only when this is done, may your child start at the setting.

We would ask you to communicate in writing any changes in your child’s development or physical needs that may become apparent as they grow up.

Medicines Policy

As far as possible we ask that medicines are given to children by their parents at home. Only medicines which require administering at a specific time of the day or in response to a specific event need be brought to Wellingtons for Langley Hall. Parents are required to complete a medication form giving details of the medicine and how it should be given. We also ask parents to advise us if their child has been given any medication before being brought into the setting. These forms should be obtained from and when completed given to the Head of Wellingtons for Langley Hall or your child’s Key Person.

Sickness Policy

It is generally accepted that children who are unwell should not attend a childcare setting, but are better cared for in a quiet one-to-one situation such as at home with a parent.

The Health Protection Agency has issued Wellingtons for Langley Hall with guidance on exclusion periods for children with a variety of common (and some serious) conditions. Their poster “Guidance on Infection Control in Schools and Other Childcare Settings” is displayed on our premises and we will use this guidance when managing children who fall ill.

There are some additional occasions when Wellingtons for Langley Hall will require a child to be excluded from the setting, as follows:

  • When the child has an eye or ear discharge (we must presume this is infectious, as they quite often are). However if your GP informs you that the discharge is not infectious your child may attend, so long as they are otherwise well and not suffering any obvious pain or distress or requiring any additional care.
  • In the first 24 hours after your child has started taking a course of antibiotics. This is in case your child suffers a reaction to the treatment.
  • If they have a fever over 102oF.

If your child develops a high temperature

  • we will telephone you to request permission to give Calpol (or a similar medication).
  • we will monitor your child’s condition:

Temperature up to 100 degrees F

  • we will advise you by telephone if there is a significant change

Temperature 101 degrees F

  • we will monitor the situation for 30 minutes
  • if their temperature goes down below 101 oF, your child may be allowed to stay at the setting

Temperature 102 degrees F

  • we will telephone you and ask you to collect your child immediately

The most important consideration for us is whether your child is well enough to cope with being at the setting. We do our best to care for children who are a little “under the weather” but believe that children who are unable to join in with normal activities or who are distressed are better off at home. We must also take into consideration the impact on the staff and other children at the setting of having on the premises a child who is clearly unwell.

It is essential for us to have the most up-to-date phone numbers for you and any emergency contacts and that we are advised immediately if any of these details change. If a child is ill and needs to be taken home, we will always attempt to contact the parents first. However if this is not possible we will ask your designated emergency contact to collect your child on your behalf.

Please be assured we will not ask you (or your emergency contact) to collect your child from Wellingtons for Langley Hall or request that they do not attend, unless we have a genuine concern for your child’s welfare. We understand that work commitments can make keeping your child at home difficult and will do all we can to minimise this disruption.