Our Admissions Policy

Children will be admitted to Wellingtons nursery on a first come, first served basis, dependent solely on availability of places.

Entry to Wellingtons nursery is non-discriminatory.

It is our policy to recognise and acknowledge that each and every child is an individual and that all diversities of personalities, abilities, culture and character will be respected and nurtured without racial, gender or other form of stereotyping. Positive attitudes to race, culture, language and gender will be encouraged.

As a busy and popular setting, we may not always be able to offer a place immediately. If this is the case a waiting list will be drawn up and places allocated when a vacancy occurs.

Wellingtons nursery may inform a parent that a place is being withdrawn for one of the following reasons:

  • Non-payment of fees
  • Repeated non-attendance of the child without satisfactory reasons.
  • Persistent lateness in collecting a child
  • Threatening behaviour by parents towards staff and a non-supportive attitude towards the setting
  • Exceptionally disruptive behaviour of the child where additional professional support has been suggested but is not accepted (see Behaviour Management Policy NSPo4)

This sanction will only be considered if, after discussion with the parents, a satisfactory alternative solution cannot be achieved.

Administration Process 

Parents/carers seeking a place at Wellingtons for Langley Hall for their child are asked to complete an application form in the first instance.

We will then look at our availability and discuss the options with you. When we are able to offer you a suitable booking, and you have paid a £50 registration fee, we will provide an ‘Acceptance of Place’ pack of forms to you.

To confirm your place, you must return the pack of forms by the date requested in your confirmation of place letter, along with a £150 deposit. The place is only considered to be ‘confirmed’ when both the pack of forms AND the deposit have been received.