Our Uniform

Wellingtons for Langley Hall encourages all children to wear uniform while at the setting. Uniform not only allows for all your children’s clothes to be protected and stay clean, but also makes getting dressed in the mornings a lot easier! Wearing a uniform also allows children to feel a sense of belonging and pride as they wear the same clothes as their peers.

Our nursery uniform is for children over 3 and consists of a turquoise polo shirt and a black sweatshirt, both embroidered with the Wellingtons for Langley Hall logo.

The current price of the polo shirt is £8 and the sweatshirt is £10. We also have a nursery rucksack for bringing spare clothes in priced at £10.

No plastic carrier bags or drawstring bags are to be brought to the nursery due to safety hazards.

All uniform can be purchased from the office in reception.