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Frequently asked questions

  • Invoices will be issued in the middle of the month for the following month (e.g. an invoice for September will be issued in mid- August). They are sent via email – you will be asked to provide one email address that you would like the invoice to be emailed to.
  • Invoices are due on the first working day of each month.
  • Fees are reviewed every September and may be subject to a small increase each year.
How are fees calculated
  • For Full Year Contracts the monthly figure is calculated by taking the weekly fee and multiplying it by 52 and dividing it by 12. The weekly fee is provided for information only.
  • For Term Time Only Contracts the monthly figure is calculated by taking the hourly rate and multiplying it by the number of hours that are to be paid for per week. This figure is then multiplied by 38 weeks and then divided by 11. (11 months, as no bill is raised in August for children on a Term Time Only contract.)
  • If changes are made to your bookings in the middle of a month, the weekly fees for each relevant price band are used for the number of weeks in that particular month to calculate your invoice for that month. Subsequent months will be charged at your new monthly rate.
Payment methods

Payments can be made in cash, by cheque, by debit or credit card (excluding American Express) or by standing order (this requires you to set up an arrangement directly with your bank). The nursery is also registered with a large number of childcare voucher companies and parents may use vouchers from these companies to pay all or part of their invoice.

Please ask our Finance Assistant in the office if you would like further information about the companies we work with. Deposits cannot be paid for with Childcare Vouchers, as they are refundable when you child leaves the nursery, and we are not permitted to refund tax free money as cash. 

Sibling discounts

There will be a 5% discount given for all siblings (this includes half brothers and sisters, adopted brothers and sisters, step brothers or sisters or the child of the parent/carers partner where the child, for

whom the nursery place is sought, is living in the same family unit at the same address as that sibling). Sibling discounts apply to permanently booked sessions only.

Late Payments

Invoices not paid by the 1st of the month will incur a 5% surcharge which will be added to the next invoice. If invoices are repeatedly not paid on time, or an outstanding balance is not cleared, your child’s place may be suspended until the debt is cleared.

If a parent is struggling to make payments, we ask that they come and liaise with our Finance Officer in the first instance to discuss a plan.